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Publisher Market helps publishers to generate higher revenue and lower cost of sales through automated trading, by giving independent advice, assisting in operations and sharing custom-made technology.

The Publisher Market initiative was born from years of developing and refining automated trading at TMG (Telegraaf Media Groep). As a result the Dutch market became leading in this area and Publisher Market wants to share this renown expertise with other publishers.


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Publisher Market shares know-how and insight in automated trading, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We help you get tailored answers to questions like:

  • How to manage different types of inventory
  • How to create price pressure
  • Which vendors to choose
  • How to organize operations
  • How to prepare your direct sales for a new reality 

Not just for display but also for mobile and video.


We believe the hardest struggle for publishers is setting up the right organization. Making sure the direct sales team adapts the changes going on in the market. We make it easier to focus by taking care of day to day operations.

There is no urgency to form your own expensive team of hard to find specialists. By outsourcing operations to our highly qualified team you can have automated trading set up for your organization in days. We can handle your campaign management as well as your yield optimization analysis.


Co-development can be a great way to save on investments. Publisher Market owns the first buying platform custom-built for publishers from which you can benefit. So developing your own buying platform won’t be necessary.

We also share ready to use retargeting technology and a self service platform.

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we share our expertise with you

Martin van der Meij

Managing Director

Martin founded Publisher Market after having years of experience in the development and implementation of Automated Trading within TMG. Before TMG  Martin worked in the internet industry for over 10 years launching one of the first local online newspapers in 1995 and one of the most controversial social networks in the Netherlands in 2002.

Marcel Udo

Sales director

Marcel has a lot of experience in the digital advertising industry. Besides setting up a digital sales department at TMG, he spend 19 years of his career at different digital advertising companies, including IAB. Marcel has a large international network in the online industry.

Remco Steen

Publisher Manager

Remco has 8+ years experience in programmatic trading & ad exchanges. He worked for several leading companies on both supply and demand side such as Sanoma Media, eBay and Platform161.

He setup the first private ad exchange at Sanoma Media in 2007.

Laura van Driel

Marketing and Communications


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